About Me!


My name is Molly Campbell, I am an insured, certified instructor. My certifications include: YogaFit, Pilates-Barre, and Barre Above. Feel free to email me and ask any questions, hope to see you soon! Check out the Schedule tab to find out where you can find me!


I was diagnosed in 2017 with Celiac’s Disease after being misdiagnosed for 27 years. Through this journey of feeling and eating better, I have found a passion for Gluten Free Foods! I have always been lactose intolerant so most of the food and recipes you will find me sharing, are Gluten AND Dairy Free!


My friends and I decided to start a podcast about nothing, you can find it on iTunes or through our Podcast Episodes Tab.


Lastly, I have been luckily granted the opportunity to surround myself with strong, powerhouse women, read more about them on the Frondz tab if you are interested in homemade goods, Zumba’ing your peach off, or beautiful artwork <3